What is an EU PiG Ambassador? 

An EU PiG Ambassador represents the winning best practice for one of the eight challenges in the annual EU PiG Grand Prix contest, competing against on-farm best practice from other producers across the 13 member states in the group.

Championing innovation

The winning producer Ambassadors are invited to showcase their best practice in a range of ways, including talking to producers out and about in the industry.

The RPIGs will also help them produce virtual farm tours, photos and reports, to be shared on this website.

The Grand Prix and the Ambassadors are the main way for pig producers to get involved and fly the flag for their country, showing the rest of Europe the best of what they have to offer.

How are they selected?

Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs) will put forward producers’ best practice entries to the Grand Prix.

A panel of experts for each of the key project themes then runs a rigorous evaluation process to select the winners and invite them to become the EU PiG Ambassadors.

Get in touch

The map below shows the key contacts for each Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG). The EU PiG Ambassadors will also be added to the map when they are announced.