The EU PiG project will seek to maximise and share the benefits of producer best practice to promote a sustainable pig industry across the EU.

On-farm best practice will be identified through a novel EU PiG Grand Prix contest. As the project develops, this website will host the award winning best practice, acting as an invaluable resource for the whole industry.

What is best practice?

Good agricultural practice is a concept which aims to achieve development that is sustainable and good for consumers, human health, food security, rural development, environment and animal welfare, both now and in the future. It includes consideration of practices that:

  • Produce safe, healthy, high quality food for consumers;
  • Provide jobs with fair incomes for rural communities;
  • Are socially and environmentally sustainable;
  • Provide high standards of animal welfare.

Each year, EU PiG will identify topics which represent pig producer led challenges, in each of the four project themes. These topics will be identified via thematic groups and the Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs).

In selecting the topics to be addressed by the project, and acting as a focus for the Grand Prix best practice contest, we will ensure that the challenges have not already been addressed by other groups such as EIP-AGRI or EU funded projects to avoid duplication. The topics will represent real priorities for the industry, including emerging threats such as disease.

How will best practice be used?

The best practice will be shared via this website and disseminated widely via the project partners and RPIGs as best practice abstracts and through the development of specialist tools including virtual farm tours.