This is the second newsletter of the EU PiG project.  It provides an update on activity involved in news and events, and in particular, the development of best practices linked to participation in the 2017 EU PiG Grand Prix competition.  In addition, it highlights opportunity for producers to suggest the  challenges that could be considered as part of the 2018 Grand Prix.

Published in Newsletters on 11.07.2017

This is the first newsletter of the EU PiG project, introducing some of the work of partner organisations and the Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs) in each of the 13 EU member states involved highlighting the key aspects of the project, along with other related activity. 

Published in Newsletters on 12.06.2017

The two-day Conference Programme in the UK, organised by Pig World and AHDB Pork, addressed some of the big issues facing the industry – antibiotics, BREXIT, health and welfare and the changing consumer. The focus of the conference was the innovation required to remain competitive.

Published in Events on 25.05.2017

The 2 days featured a number of excellent presentations, covering the broad array of research projects currently ongoing in the Pig Development Department. 

Published in Events on 25.05.2017

Following the closing date of the first EU PiG ‘Grand Prix’ on 5th April, the competitors have now been identified from the applications submitted through the Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs) in all 13-member states represented in the project. With the 248 contestants now in place, the next stage is to evaluate all of the applications submitted, that have highlighted various examples of good practice across the four main project themes, and the eight identified topics for year 1 of the competition

Published in News on 11.04.2017
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