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What is EU PiG?

The EU Pig Innovation Group or EU PiG is a four-year €2m project focused on ‘exchanging knowledge & sharing innovation’ in addressing four key thematic areas, recognised as the main challenges currently facing our industry. Funded by the European Commission’s research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, EU PiG is about raising the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry through connecting producers, with tried and tested best practices developed by other producers across Europe, along with leading industry experts and current science-based knowledge. 

How does EU PiG work?

The project addresses four key thematic areas, recognised as the main challenges currently facing our industry:

  • Health management; improving the health of the European pig herd to increase farming efficiency.
  • Precision production; adopting more innovative technologies and practices to improve productivity.
  • Animal welfare; care and treatment of livestock through increased understanding of the welfare requirements of the pig.
  • Meat quality; development of premium quality products by improving characteristics including taste, nutritional value, texture, appearance and yield of pig meat.

Through an annual competition or ‘Grand Prix’ to find best practice from producers across the EU, winners are invited to share their best practices throughout the industry via the EU PiG website, along with EIP AGRI, and other appropriate media.

What is the EU Pig ‘Grand Prix’?

The ‘Grand Prix’ is an annual ‘local’ contest to find best practices from producers against each of eight topics or challenges representing the four themes.   Producers who are shortlisted, then go on to compete at an EU level across the 13 member states represented in the project, with the  individual winners nominated as EU Pig Ambassadors, who are invited to share their best practices throughout the industry via the EU PiG website, along with EIP AGRI, and other appropriate media.

What are EU PiG Ambassadors?

EU PiG Ambassadors are producers who represent the winning best practice across one of the eight specific challenges, covering the four project themes. The Ambassadors will be supported by their local Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG), to produce a ‘virtual tour’ video of their farm, showing the best practice in-situ, along with dissemination through the EU PiG website, along with EIP AGRI, and other appropriate media.

How are EU PiG Ambassadors selected?

They are selected via a robust process as part of the annual EU PiG Grand Prix contest, competing against on-farm best practice from other producers across the 13 member states represented in this project.  A panel of experts from each theme undertakes a well-developed and rigorous evaluation process. The entries are validated at a technical and economic level to identify the top five best practices for each theme. To select the winner, the top five best practices are then judged and ranked by RPIGs, project partners and wider stakeholders involved in the EU PiG project and the Ambassador is then appointed.

What are Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs)?

Each participating member state has established a regional network of pig industry stakeholders called Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs). They include; pig producers, research institutions, veterinarians, farm advisory service providers, allied industry trade organisations, invested non-governmental organisations, processors, government agencies and laboratories. RPIGs facilitate engagement with pig producers at a local level and will provide a platform for the identification of emerging issues, along with the identification and dissemination of best practice.

How do I contact my nearest RPIG? 

The map on the EU PiG website under the tab ‘Award winning best practice’ shows the location and contact details for the 13 RPIGs involved in the project. The website in some cases provides partners  own language pages, in addition to the links to each partners own website.

What is meant by ‘best practice’?

Good agricultural practice is a concept which aims to achieve development that is sustainable and good for consumers, human health, food security, rural development, environment and animal welfare, both now and in the future. It includes consideration of practices that:

  • Produce safe, healthy, high-quality food for consumers;
  • Provide jobs with fair incomes for rural communities;
  • Are socially and environmentally sustainable;
  • Provide high standards of animal welfare.

Is there a newsletter with the latest news I can access?

Through the EU PiG website, anyone interested in the work of the project can subscribe to receive a newsletter with the latest news and developments. 

Is EU PiG on social media?

The project has its own Twitter page @EU_PiG and a discussion group through Linked-In under EU PiG Innovation Group

Who are the partners involved in this project?

A list of all the partners can be found on the EU PiG website, along with a dedicated page for each partner providing background information and links to their contact details.

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