Browse the pig producer case studies and technical reports below, which share best practice in Animal Welfare.  The producers are EU PiG Ambassadors and winners of the annual EU PiG Grand Prix, who have focused on one of the specific Animal Welfare challenges chosen by the industry each year.

A network of experts forming the EU PiG Animal Welfare Thematic Group consolidates existing industry knowledge and validates the best practice identified through the EU PiG Grand Prix. 

This theme is about the care and treatment of livestock through increased understanding of the welfare requirements of the pig.

Tail docking has been banned in Finland since 2003, so the Sikana Oy farm rears its 2,980 finisher pigs with intact tails and uses a number of practical measures to ensure they comply with legislation and maintain both welfare and productivity.

Ambassador: Tiina Puska, Finland

Publication date: May 2018 | Theme: Animal welfare

Challenges: Tail Docking