Browse the pig producer case studies and technical reports below, which share best practice in Health Management.  The producers are EU PiG Ambassadors and winners of the annual EU PiG Grand Prix, who have focused on one of the specific Health Management challenges chosen by the industry each year.

A network of experts forming the EU PiG Health Management Thematic Group consolidates existing industry knowledge and validates the best practice identified through the EU PiG Grand Prix. 

This theme is about improving the health of the European pig herd to increase farming efficiency.

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A fermented liquid feed system is providing an alternative to zinc for integrated Dutch producer, the van Asten group. The fermented feed works as a probiotic and lowers the pH to reduce the risk of bacteria.

Ambassador: Marco van Asten, Netherlands

Publication date: February 2020 | Theme: Health management

Challenges: Influence of gut health on disease and production