EU PiG partner, Teagasc has recently released a newsletter, which addresses details about COVID-19, including a detailed article on pig producer considerations relating to COVID-19. It also highlights some of EU PiG's 2019 winning best practices.

Published in News on 25.03.2020

Partners in the EU PiG consortium met in Córdoba, Spain on 3/4 March 2020, for the project's annual Consortium and Steering Group meeting. This was hosted and chaired by the Project Coordinator, Ben Williams, AHDB.

Published in News on 06.03.2020

The 4th and final EU PiG Grand Prix is now closed!

Published in News on 17.02.2020

On 16th January, the Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG) from Belgium came together in search of candidates for this year's EU PiG Grand Prix. This involved looking for best practices across the four themes of Health Management, Meat Quality, Animal Welfare and Precision Production.

Published in News on 24.01.2020

The EU PiG project was introduced at the recently held Hungarian National Agricultural and Food Exhibition and Fair - OMÉK.  More than 85,000 visitors from 15 countries attended the 79th OMÉK, which presented the best of Hungarian agriculture and food over four days, 26-29 September 2019.

Published in News on 28.10.2019
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