EU PiG Annual Steering Group Meeting

Partners in the EU PiG consortium met in Córdoba, Spain on 3/4 March 2020, for the project's annual Consortium and Steering Group meeting. This was hosted and chaired by the Project Coordinator, Ben Williams, AHDB.

The first day involved presentations focused on the work and activities currently taking place and the priorities for the remaining 7 months of the project.

Beta, partner for the work package relating to communication and dissemination and responsible for transferring the best practice, identified via EU PiG’s annual Grand Prix into user friendly tools and materials, updated partners about the status of the 2019 winning ambassadors. Sessions also took place regarding opportunities for partners to further disseminate these tools and materials over the next 7 months.

The day also included a visit to 'COVAP', Valle de los Pedroches, and a visit to an Iberian Pig farm, these being organised by EU PiG partner, Edgar Garcia Manzanilla, Teagasc.

Day 2 focused on sustainability strategies of the EU PiG project and network.

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