First EU PiG Grand Prix 2017 ‘Best Practice’ winners announced

The annual EU PiG Grand Prix is a unique competition designed to identify best practices on pig farms, and share it with pig producers across EU PiGs 13 participating EU member states and beyond. The first eight winning Best Practices have now been announced.

The winning practices for 2017 are:

Precision production – smart water usage; 

  • Clean and accessible water; Denmark

Precision production – feed management;

  • Routine weighing for accurate feeding;  Denmark

Meat quality – innovations in the supply chain;

  • ‘Heart Pig’: marketing via welfare brand; Denmark

Meat quality – reduction of boar taint;

  • Male fatteners without boar taint; Germany

Welfare – castration methods;

  • Entire male production; Spain

Welfare – tail docking;

  • Rearing pigs with intact tails; Finland

Health – Bio-security

  • Biosecurity tool; Ireland

Health – reduction of antimicrobial medication

  • Reducing antibiotic use; Netherlands                                            

For more information on these eight winning Best Practices, please click here.

In due course, more information will be provided about the Ambassadors and their 'Best Practices' on their own Ambassadors page. Updates will also be published in the EU PiG newsletter, to receive a copy  



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