First EU PiG Grand Prix contestants identified

Following the closing date of the first EU PiG ‘Grand Prix’ on 5th April, the competitors have now been identified from the applications submitted through the Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs) in all 13-member states represented in the project. With the 248 contestants now in place, the next stage is to evaluate all of the applications submitted, that have highlighted various examples of good practice across the four main project themes, and the eight identified topics for year 1 of the competition

A network of experts established across the four Thematic Groups, with experience and specific expertise in the topic [challenges], drawn from industry, pig producer organisations, veterinarians and academia, will be involved in the evaluation process. They will provide the knowledge and information on current ‘state of the art’ practices to address the identified challenges, and validate the best practices in each of the themes.

Health management:

  • antimicrobials
  • biosecurity

Precision production:

  • efficient feed management
  • efficient water management

Animal welfare:

  • castration
  • tail docking

Meat quality:

  • boar taint reduction
  • new organisational market concepts

The evaluation stage will determine the eight winners who will then become the nominated EU PiG Ambassadors, across each of the topics. The results are due to be announced in June, and further details will then be widely publicised through the EU PiG media, including the website. The process will also trigger the identification of the industry challenges and topics to be considered for the 2018 Grand Prix. Any additional suggestions from the wider pig industry via the RPIGs would be welcomed.

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