Key risks for tail biting in pigs, and practical suggestions to help reduce these risks on-farm

In seeking best practice from pig producers through the ‘Grand Prix’, one of the 8 topics being considered by the project as part of the ‘animal welfare’ theme is tail docking.  As part of the wider tail biting issue, this new web-based husbandry advisory tool, or WebHAT has just been developed and published through AHDB in the UK. It is an interactive resource for farmers and vets, providing information about the key risks for tail biting in pigs and practical suggestions to help reduce these risks on farm.  Information taken from evidence-based sources and scientific literature enables users to identify a number of risks associated with tail biting.  It can then be used to generate a report of prioritised, key tail-biting risks found on a farm and obtain suggestions to address them.

More information available at WebHAT

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