Ambassador: Van den Berkmortel, Netherlands

Publication date: July 2020 | Theme: Meat quality

Challenges: How to promote pork to consumers

Berkhout Meat’s goal is that the end user buys a tasty and familiar piece of meat that meets and even exceeds their expectations, directly from the producer. The programme is built on the Berkhout brand name.

This is promoted by organising open days and farm tours, walking and cycling tours, allowing consumers to see and appreciate that they care for their animals with passion and experience in an honest, trusted way.



Income from tours

  • Open days: free entrance Farm Tour € 15,= pp (adults) / € 7,50 pp (children up to 14 years)
  • Walking tour € 7,50 pp (adults) / € 5,= (children up to 14 years)
  • Cycling tour € 27,50 pp (adults) / € 15,= pp (children up to 14 years)

Benefit of work:

  • New outlets at higher value per kg
  • Expected revenue increase: 15%


Cost of implementing changes:

  • Approx. 60,000 euros per annum
  • Total spend: 350,000 euros in 6 years

Based on the above, annual revenue due to the sale of extra pig meat is almost 70,000 euros per year.

Innovation in practice

Berkhout has invested in developing a brand on their packaging and marketing, creating points of sale on site and at other premises, meeting rooms and skyboxes to tour the facility whilst maintaining biosecurity. The total costs for this are more than € 350,000 over the past 6 years. The goal has always been to make consumers curious about the sector and the Berkhout pig. A collaboration with Puur Brabant ensures that Berkhout meat has a unique story and is for sale in the local farm shops. There is a lot of ignorance about the pork sector, so many people form their own opinion about it. Farm tours and a more open approach offers an enormous opportunity to positively promote the sector with its own story. Berkhout are proud of what they do and are happy to show this to consumers!

More about this best practice

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To access more information, contact RPIG (Netherlands): Jos Peerlings