Take a look at some on-farm innovations, including photos and videos from producers explaining how they tackle a range of challenges, from reducing antibiotic use to rearing pigs with intact tails.

Published in News on 14.06.2018

Spanish ‘EU PiG Ambassador’, Ramon Armengol, receiving his  award from IRTA technician Aranzazu Varvaro, in recognition of his winning  best practice to the industry wide challenge of finding alternatives to pig castration, under the Animal Welfare theme.

Published in News on 21.03.2018

Following the closing date of the second EU PiG ‘Grand Prix’ on 28th February, the competitors have now been identified from the applications submitted through the Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs), in all 13-member states represented in the project.


Published in News on 21.03.2018

As part of the recent annual EU PiG consortium meeting in meeting in Italy, a visit to the PIGGLY farm in Pegognaga was arranged for partners to consider the farms activities. Several examples of innovative best practice were illustrated in a comprehensive tour provided by Mr Sergio Visini, and his co-managers, some of which have been recognised as industry wide challenges, and included in the 2018 EU PiG Grand Prix contest.

Visitors were able to appreciate in particular, the farm buildings, internal climate, reduced odours, no tail docking, no antibiotics, and the extensive use of renewable energy (biogas and solar energy). They were also able to see how weaners are reared on straw, with the litter tray renewed frequently to maintain high animal welfare standards..

Published in News on 01.03.2018

Entries to the 2018 EU PiG Grand Prix are being actively collated by Regional Pig Innovation Groups (RPIGs) across Europe ready for evaluation, ahead of the fast approaching closing date of 28 February.

Published in News on 12.02.2018
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