EU PiG European Thematic Network for Innovation in Pig Farming

EU PiG partners, CRPA and Gran Suino Italiano Interprofessional Organization are hosting a conference "EU PiG: the European Thematic Network for Innovation in Pig Farming" to be held as part of the Italpig event in Cremona, Italy. This shall take place on Wednesday 23 October from 9:30 am in the Amati Room (Hall 1 - first floor) of CremonaFiere.

The aim of the conference is to improve the dissemination of innovations and best practices for the management of pig breeding.

Guido Zama, President of the Italian Gran Suino Interprofessional Organization, Vincenzo Mirra, Project Responsible for Gran Suino Italiano Interprofessional Organization and representative of Italian RPIG, and Paolo Ferrari, Project Responsible for CRPA and Leader of the Italian RPIG group will participate as guest speakers.

The full programme (in Italian) is available here

Registration is free.  To register please click here  Please Note: Free entry tickets for CremonaFiere on 23rd October 2019 will be sent to the first 30 people registered.

For further details, please contact Paolo Ferrari

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