Ambassador: Kris Gios, Belgium

Publication date: October 2018 | Theme: Health management

Challenges: Reducing zinc oxide

This farrow-to-finish unit is trialling three different types of feed, as alternatives to the previous feed which contained zinc oxide. They are: 1. Feed containing herbs, including oregano 2. Feed with inert fibres added 3. Normal feed. Results to date are positive, e.g. the feed conversion ratio of pigs between 8 and 23kg has improved from 1.58 to 1.40 on the inert fibre feed, while the growth rate has gone up 20g/day to 318 g/day.

Piglets from each of the three trial groups are weighed each day and amount of feed is measured. The farm has been antibiotic free since 2012 and has remained so since trying the new diets. The farmer wants to complete five rounds of the trial before deciding which feed type to use in future.

Further information will be available on this page in the near future.  In the meantime, to access more details, contact RPIG (Belgium): Laurens Vandelannoote