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The EU PiG project comes to an end on 31st October and so unfortunately, this will be our final newsletter. During its four year term, EU PiG has aimed to share the benefits of on-farm best practice between producers to promote a sustainable pig industry across the EU. On behalf of everyone involved in the project, thank you for your interest and participation. This final newsletter focuses on the impact and legacy of EU PiG.

EU PiG Webinar: The impact and legacy of the programme

On 6th October, EU PiG hosted a webinar to discuss the legacy of the programme. Using case studies of best practice from across the four years of the programme, members of the EU PiG consortium demonstrated why these case studies have significant impact for the EU Pork industry today. From ASF to rise of flexitarian consumers, the increase in environmental awareness to increased pressures of high animal welfare – the EU industry is under continued pressure to change and thrive. Our webinar showcased some of these best practices, the resources available and how they can impact farmers/producers. The webinar was hosted by project coordinator, Ben Williams, AHDB.

EU PiG Best Practices: Available in up to 10 languages

EU PiG has 32 case studies of best practice innovations, across the four themes of Health Management, Animal Welfare, Precision Production and Meat Quality. These case studies are the best practices from each of the EU PiG Ambassadors and are available as factsheets in up to 10 different languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish. They are available for download from the EU PiG website within each case study, as shown in the example below.


EU PiG Website: A legacy of EU coordination of best practice solutions to industry challenges

The EU PiG website will continue to be available after the project ends on 31st October, however, at some point over the next few months, the primary domain will become

In addition to the 32 case studies of best practice innovations, the website offers other sources of information, including virtual farm tours, videos, photographs and also 16 Technical Reports across the four themes of Health Management, Animal Welfare, Precision Production and Meat Quality.

Within the next few weeks, the website will also provide details of all EU PiG Grand Prix entries from across the four years of the project - over 800 best practices!

The project may be coming to an end, but please continue to visit the EU PiG website, its aim being to further facilitate knowledge exchange to help producers drive and adopt innovation on farm.

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