Ambassador: Rick Bosgoed, Netherlands

Publication date: October 2018 | Theme: Meat quality

Challenges: Homogenous groups of pigs for slaughter

Farmer Rick Bosgoed is saving 20 percent on the costs of starter pig feed alone by using smart technology to adjust the feed type and quantity to the weight of each pig in his new finisher building. This building houses 3000 pigs, in groups of 375 which are managed with the Nedap Pig Sorting system, making the management of finisher pigs in large groups more efficient and more accurate.

The system’s combined feed and sorting station weighs and identifies each individual pig and automatically leads it to the right feed type or to the separation area. This allows Rick to feed his pigs optimally and deliver them to the slaughterhouse at exactly the right weight.

Further information will be available on this page in the near future.  In the meantime, to access more details, contact RPIG (Netherlands): Jos Peerlings