PRESS RELEASE: 2019 Grand Prix Winners Announced

Zinc alternatives, using big data and community management are among the winning best practices of the 2019 EU PiG Innovation Group (EU PiG) Grand Prix. Eight pig producers from across Europe have been awarded the title of EU PiG Ambassador to recognise their innovation in pig production.

The Grand Prix is an annual competition which aims to identify and share innovative practices in pig production throughout the European network of pig producers, and beyond.

The winning best practices from the 2019 EU PiG Grand Prix are:


Health                    Degree2act app                                                                                 Spain

                               Fermenting liquid feed, an alternative to zinc oxide                          Netherlands

Meat quality          Locally grown protein can replace soy in pig feed                             Finland

                               Community manager for pigs                                                            Ireland

Welfare                  Doors for piglets                                                                                France

                               Ammonia emission reduction by separating faeces and urine          Belgium

Precision               Reducing pig mortality through high care                                         Netherlands

                               From pig data to big data                                                                  Denmark


EU PiG coordinator Ben Williams, of AHDB in the UK, said: “Congratulations to the 2019 EU PiG Ambassadors. The full details about how each of the ambassador’s innovations work in practice will soon be provided on the website.”

“Fundamentally, this competition is about connecting pig producers, creating a European network where new information and experience can be shared directly. This aims to ensure an ever more efficient and competitive industry.”

“Using the EU PiG platform, producers are able to learn about the ideas and techniques used effectively across Europe to help improve the efficiency and sustainability of their own farm.”

“This year’s winning best practices should act as aspirational examples of innovative techniques used on pig farms to tackle each of the eight challenges.”


The EU PiG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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