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The EU PiG website has recently been updated to further facilitate knowledge exchange to help producers drive and adopt innovation on farm. It is easy to find out who to contact across the EU PiG network, with an updated map on the 'Home' page. The website also includes details of the 2019 Grand Prix. Please take a look! 

Open for Entries: 2019 EU PiG Grand Prix

The 2019 European Pig Innovation Group (EU PiG) Grand Prix is open for entries until 28 February 2019. All pig producers are invited to enter their innovative ideas and examples of on-farm best practice in this annual EU-wide contest, with up to 300 producers competing to become an EU PiG Ambassador.  

EU PiG is looking for entries that tackle one of eight Grand Prix challenges, identified as current priorities by the industry, within the project’s key themes. There are eight different challenges each year and the challenges for 2019 are as follows:

Winning one of the eight Ambassador titles in the EU PiG Grand Prix gives producers the chance to receive international recognition of their success, share their best practice with other producers, get in touch with other Ambassadors to perhaps find their next big idea and achieve added motivation for farm staff.

For full details of the eight challenges for 2019 and how to enter, along with case studies on the previous years’ winning Ambassadors, producers should visit the EU PiG website. Some of the best practices from the 2017 winning Ambassadors are shown within the article below.

2017 Ambassador Focus: Precision Production and Meat Quality

The EU PiG project seeks to share the benefits of on-farm best practice between producers to promote a sustainable pig industry across the EU.  This issue focuses on four of the project's 2017 Ambassadors and how they approach key precision production and meat quality challenges.


Theme: Precision Production
Challenge: Feed Management
Ambassador: Aage Lauritzen, Denmark

Farmer Aage Lauritzen of Denmark has achieved a 5% increase in daily live weight gain and reduced total production costs, since investing in a weighing system to record growing and fattening pigs’ live weight on a weekly basis. The information is used to monitor pigs’ growth, so he can compare it with the expected growth and then choose the appropriate feed mix.

Theme: Precision Production
Challenge: Smart Water Usage
Ambassador: Jens Ole Bladt, Sydals, Denmark

Improved pig health and productivity, along with lower antibiotic consumption and costs, are the results of using a water purification system and ensuring adequate access to water.

Theme: Meat Quality
Challenge: Reduction of Boar Taint
Ambassador: Dr Meike Friedrichs, Germany

The risk of boar taint can be reduced to almost zero by selecting particular terminal line boars for artificial insemination. Use of these ‘odour-tested’ sires will help farmers ensure the marketability of pork and, in future, avoid monetary deductions for conspicuous odours in boar carcasses.

Theme: Meat Quality
Challenge: Innovations in the Supply Chain
Ambassador: Niels Aage Arve, Krannestrup, Denmark

Producer Niels Aage Arve receives a price premium by marketing his pork under the ‘Heart Pig’ welfare brand.


Please visit the EU PiG website for details of best practices from the Animal Welfare and Health Management themes.

EU PiG Workshop for Spanish Producers

EU PiG partner, IRTA, based in Girona, Spain has recently delivered a workshop about the EU PiG project. During the workshop, Emma Fàbrega i Romans congratulated their two Ambassadors, Ramon Armengol (2017 Grand Prix) and Granja Rosa (2018 Grand Prix) for their best practices on 'castration methods' and 'enrichment materials'


Please continue to visit the EU PiG website to keep up to date in terms of developments.  The website is being refreshed over the coming months in order to further facilitate knowledge exchange to help producers drive and adopt innovation on farm. 


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