Ambassador: Jesper Hansen

Publication date: July 2019 | Theme: Precision production

Challenges: Dashboard systems/benchmarking

Danish producer Stovgaard is using a data monitoring system to record real time biological data, including water and feed intake and weights. The team checks the Agrovision dashboard every day for any alarms or issues highlighted in the data curves, so they can take action to handle or correct any problems. 

Routine weighing of pigs in a few pens serve as sentinel, monitoring for daily weight gain. Graphs showing trends serve as an early warning system and decision support tool.

Employees find the system motivating as performance can be followed while the pigs are alive and, if problems are detected, they can often still handle and correct the issues. Their work implementing the technology has been underway for the past 20 years.

Further information will be available on this page in the near future.  In the meantime, to access more details, contact RPIG (Denmark): Claus Hansen