Pig farming best practices

The EU PiG project seeks to share the benefits of producer best practice to promote a sustainable pig industry across the EU.  On-farm best practice is identified through a novel Grand Prix contest. As the project develops, this website will share the award-winning best practice with the whole industry.

The main way EU PiG identifies best practice is through its Grand Prix, an annual EU-wide contest, with more than 300 producers competing to be one of eight EU PiG Ambassadors. It identifies the top example of best practice for each of the eight EU PiG challenges chosen each year.

Dutch farmer Kees van der Meijden has achieved the enviable goal of reducing antibiotic use to almost zero, while at the same time, improving pig performance; the farm is producing 33 piglets per sow per year.

Ambassador: Kees van der Meijden, Netherlands

Publication date: February 2018 | Theme: Health Management

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