PIGS 2022 – The Opportunities; ‘The Global Perspective’: 6th & 7th June 2017

The two-day Conference Programme in the UK, organised by Pig World and AHDB Pork, addressed some of the big issues facing the industry – antibiotics, BREXIT, health and welfare, and the changing consumer. The focus of the conference was the innovation required to remain competitive.


Day One was dedicated to the International Outlook looking very much at the global picture, with invited guests from all over the world and concluded with a Gala Dinner.

Day Two, [provided free of charge to all English levy payers by AHDB Pork], considered; What the pig world would look like in 5 years? What does the sow of the future look like? The Conference looked in more detail at how the sector can benefit from innovation, in areas like animal health and welfare, hygiene, and pig buildings.

More at http://pork.ahdb.org.uk/events/pigs-2022/

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