Teagasc Pig Research Dissemination Days, Ireland; 29th, 31st May 2017

The 2 days featured a number of excellent presentations covering the broad array of research projects currently ongoing in the Pig Development Department.  The events provided those who attended with the most up to date research results, an overview of on-going research, and the opportunity to network with some of Teagasc researchers and postgraduate students. 

For a review of the event visit the Teagasc website  

A review of the event has also been provided in the Teagasc newsletter for May, along with a report on the 9th Feet First Spanish Swine Seminar in April, hosted by Zinpro, the performance mineral company, including four informative presentations relating to low stress handling, management of the lactating sow, epigenetics in fattening pigs, and long toes and inflammation in the sow.

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