RPIG  (Poland)


POLSUS was founded in 1958. Its ‘main task is the performance value estimation and keeping the herd books of pigs. These tasks are based on the National Breeding Program guidelines that describe the methods of breeding works in the herds of the following pig breeds: Polish large white, Polish landrace, pulawska, duroc, pietrain and hampshire.  Breeding works are targeted at a genetic improvement of purebred animals as well as at a production of purebred and crossbred breeding stock. 

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The main activities of “POLSUS” are the breeding and performance value estimation of pigs; keeping herdbooks of breeding pigs as well as computer systems for data registration, improving the reproduction, fattening and slaughtering performance of pigs by setting and reaching the new breeding goals; organizing trainings people engaged in the pig breeding and production; “POLSUS” is the co-author of the new quality assurance scheme for pork called PQS (Pork Quality System); “POLSUS” takes active part in promoting pork consumption in Poland by different projects sponsored by the Pork Promotion Fund. 


Support of work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange), and RPIG leader in Poland. Based on the eight producer led challenges identified at the start of each year “POLSUS” will use its multi actor groups to search for and then nominate best practice from within Poland (including new techniques, innovative solutions or ‘brilliant ideas’). “POLSUS” will put forward up to three nominees per challenge. The next step is to take part in a regional voting contest where “POLSUS” can rate, rank, review and vote for the best practice per topic.

Our team

Katarzyna Skrzymowska, Pig Breeding Specialist

Chairman of POLSUS-AGRO Ltd. Company – owned by POLSUS. Responsible for trade of breeding stock and rare breed fatteners (pulawska) delivered to AUCHAN Polska for fresh meat. Project based work. Coordinating project, training courses for breeders, concepts of new projects sponsored by Pork Promotion Fund, expert in expert group on pig castration in Brussels (DG AGRI).

Tadeusz Blicharski, Managing Director

Pig genetic expert. Member of working group for pigmeat called the civil dialogue group in Brussels (EC). Member of the working groups on: ASF in Poland, biosecurity, Responsible for scientific expertise for projects that POLSUS is taking part in and coordination of the scientific projects.

Katarzyna Skrzymowska